Metal Sheet Shearing Machine

Metal Sheet Shearing Machine

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Our Machine Features:
  • It’s very popular in metalworking market for bending metal sheets processing.
  • Various model of bending 4-40mm thickness and 1000-9000mm length.
  • Steel welded construction, vibrating aging function
  • Servo back gauge and RV working table compensation is optional
  • Motorized back gauge and cutting number can digital readout ,E10 or CNC100 
  • Power break protection device to guarantee safety during maintenance  

Functions and Characteristics:

  • Hydraulic dive, swing beam. Whole weld knife rest works smoothly and quickly, and is prompt by accumulator Nitrogen cylinder.
  • Possessing a speed blades gap adjusting device, permit to adjust the blades gap.
  • The stroke and frequency of shearing can be controlled. The machine has the function of single shearing and automatic continuous shearing.
  • After inputting precomputed data, the back gauge can be automatically moved, positioned and stopped.
  • The vertical gripper of intellect position is controlled by pneumatic system

Optional Available:

  • CNC or NC system
  • Front light protection.