Snacks food extruder

Snacks food extruder

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Snacks Food Extruder is ruggedly engineered for producing Corn Snacks from different material like wheat, barley, rice, oat, corn and others that are necessary for making puffed snacks. The cooking of grains is done using the process of friction that occurs between barrel and screw within the extruder. Although, the forming is done at the die face cutter, yet, the shape of the food product is determined by combining die aperture of different forms like ring, flower, wheels, ball, stick, star, tube, fruit loop and more. Each component of this processing line is ruggedly engineered using stainless steel to render reliability and durability. Moreover, it features self cleaning system for better and easy maintenance of the system.

Ingredients required

The ingredients used are Corn, barley, wheat, rice, oat and millet. However, these all should be used in either the powered form or grits.

Shapes produced

By using different molds, snacks with different shapes can be formed like in the form of wheel, flower, ball, sticks, tube, ring, heart, fruit loop, etc.

Capacity of Snack Food Extruder

Available in bulletined below different capacities to fulfill the different requirement:
  • 60-80kg/h
  • 100-150kg/h
  • 200-240kg/h
  • 500kg/h
Flow Chart of Snack Food Extruder
  • Grinding of grains is done
  • All the ingredient are thoroughly mixed in the mixing system
  • Twin screw extrusion system
  • Composition is dried in the drying system
  • Flavoring system
  • Packing system
Voltage Required

Although, in china the offered machine works with the following voltages:
  • For three phases: 380 Volt with 50 Hz of frequency
  • Single phase:  220 Volt with 50 Hz of frequency
However, it can also be engineered as per the requirement of customers and local voltage present in different countries.

Description of Cheese Ball Plant

Featuring self cleaning function that eliminates the need of discharging and cleaning the screw and barrel while roasting and replacing the material, helps the users in enhancing their productivity and minimizing the waste. This is being the reason, our offered Cheese ball Plant is highly preferred in the food processing industry. The offered machine is ruggedly constructed using nitriding process of alloy (38 CrMoAl) to provide high strength and wear resistivity. It includes a speed adjusting converter on the feeding, cutting and extrusion system that allows the machine to work on the speed desired by the user. Each component included in this plant is sturdily engineered using food grade stainless steel to ensure the durability of the machine for several years as well as the hygiene and quality of the cheese balls.

Our vended Cheese Ball Plant includes a gearbox with functions like automatic lubrication that ensures extendable gear life. Apart from this, the mentioned plants includes the following:
  • A radiator upon the driving part to allow forced cooling effect while ensuring that the extruder works safely.
  • Barrel ensures water cooled circulations for the ingredients like corn and rice with extremely high viscosity.
  • Available with varied moisture extrusion temperature ratio as well as half and whole expanded products.
  • Cutting knife is present at the die head seat which is driven by V-belt drive.